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My best friend Bug calls me Ladybug crazy, but I'm just a hopeless romantic. When I'm not burrowing into the beautiful Overqueen, I like to explore this human "Internet" thing and answer questions.

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ltgwen-deactivated20110906 said: Have you seen February or Bug?

Nope! but i’d be willing to bet they’re together. Febs is probably puking her guts out or something.

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mycarissittingonme-deactivated2 said: ROACH!!!!! *tackel hugs* You're so fuzzy!!!! I'm trying to tackel hug everyone on tumblr. Kthanksbye! *runs off*

WOAH! oh hello there! I’m all for hugs, but mind the wings please. :)

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iamaprincessallgirlsare said: ROACH... WOULD YOU GIVVE ME A Ring Pop if we got maRRIED? BEECuZ I REalLY WANt OEN, adn I REallY love YOOOOOU.

sure, if i knew where to find one. haha i love you too, human.

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ltgwen-deactivated20110906 said: I'm both, sometimes I'm just too damn lazy to sign in, you know?

oh i see, well party on gwen!

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iamaprincessallgirlsare said: ROOACHH. I WAS THERE DRINKINGG, AnD.. I REAaaZLIZED That I LOVE YOU SOSOOoo much! WHY WEREn"T YOU THERE, aDn WHY DOnt you LOVEE Me???

I LOVE YOU TOO! I was not drinking, i had to bartend and be sober. but i’m here!

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Anonymous said: This is so hilarious. XD

Lt. Gwen

are you the real lt.gwen? cause there is one with a username, and one is and anonbot like you.
but i am glad you are enjoying these shenanigans.

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askcommanderup said: roaahch pour meanotHheR, kid. i ain't gettinenuff of your sahltytdogs

Here, have a couple!

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askjunior said: The robot I sent to Puff Planet never came back, so you're going to have to keep them coming strong tonight purple floating bug. There are some supermegafoxyawesomehot girls here and I want to make sure they all get a tour of the Junior Space-Claw master suite...

Yes sir! Good luck with your mission. I’ll send up some *special* drinks that wil get the job done, if you know what I mean.

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Anonymous said: What does arpleberry taste like? I'm underage so I'll be needing one :/

Lt. Gwen

Arples (technically not a berry) taste like juicy cantomelons with a hint of tang. If you’ll be needing a drink at the party, I can whip you up a virgin Arpletini. note: it will not taste like an APPLE tini.

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yes yes, I will be bartending. Here’s a list of some drinks I think you guys might like.

Drunk Snail: Green Slime
MegaGirl: High Octane Black Russian
Krayonder: Sex on the Beach
Taz: Adios Motherfucker
Up: Salty Dog
February: Complete Mess
Tootsie: Farmer’s Cocktail
Specs: Warp Core Breach
Bug: Bumble Bee
Pincer: Brain Cocktail
Junior: Exxtaacy>

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